K-12 Education

Improve Existing Schools

Many schools – whether district, public charter or private – respond constructively to the evolution of increasingly competitive markets. The Walton Family Foundation invests in these schools and organizations that support them to enhance student performance.

Investment Strategies

To help reformers respond constructively to increasing competition, foundation investment strategies include:

  • Teacher Effectiveness – Improve the way teachers are selected, trained and compensated;
  • District School Replacement – Help traditional districts close and replace low-performing schools; and
  • Non-district School Quality – Address weaknesses in the governance, management and instructional performance of public charter and private schools.

Our Grantees

When a market lacks parental choice and competition, investments in school improvement tend not to produce continuous improvements in student achievement over time. Once competitive forces are at work, we can productively help schools and districts improve existing schools. Grantees for this strategic initiative include:

A full list of our Improve Existing Schools grantees can be found here: 2013 Walton Family Foundation Grants


Progress made by our grantees can be evaluated based on:

  • Quality of traditional district schools in investment sites
  • Quality of charter schools nationally and in investment sites; and
  • Quality of scholarship schools in investment sites.