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Walton Family Foundation Invests $49 million
in Teach For America

Hundreds of reform leaders like Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin, founders of the KIPP charter school network; Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor, D.C. Public Schools and founder of StudentsFirst; and many others trace their education reform roots to Teach For America (TFA).

That’s why we just announced plans to invest $49.5 million over the next five years in this organization that produces alumni who are involved in efforts to empower all parents to choose quality schools for their children. This investment will support Teach For America’s national effort to double the size of its teaching corps, and to support the ongoing development of more than 5,000 first- and second-year teachers in seven communities that are priority investment regions for the foundation.

Having previously invested $22 million in TFA, the Walton Family Foundation is the largest private donor to Teach For America to date. We believe and research shows that Teach For America is one of the most effective programs in that nation at developing and preparing the next generation of education reform leaders.

About the Walton Family Foundation and K-12 Education Reform

Driven by the urgent need to dramatically raise student achievement, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, the Walton Family Foundation has invested more than $1 billion to date in initiatives that expand parental choice and equal opportunity in education. Empowering parents to choose quality schools, regardless of type - traditional public, private or public charter school - will help spur the bold transformation of our national K-12 system of public education. Our nation’s children will only reach their potential in today’s global economy by having access to a high-quality, publicly funded education.

Photo credit: JC Boucart